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CouponPress makes it easy to add or import coupons into your website helping you get your website setup as quickly as possible.

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  • Admin Submissions

    Admin Submissions

    Website admin's can login anytime and begin adding new coupons within the admin area of CouponPress. Each coupon has lots of options allowing you to setup custom titles, descriptions, images, codes, expiry dates etc as well as customize the display with features/highlighted borders and ribbons.

  • Member Submissions

    Member Submissions

    CouponPress allows you to enable members to add their own coupons to your website. This is a great way to earn more money and/or make your website automated as a steady flow of new coupons is great for your business!

    Members can login to their account at any time to add/edit and manage their submitted coupons.

  • CSV Import Tools

    CSV Import Tools

    Built into the admin area of CouponPress is a CSV import tool which allows you to manage your entire website using a spreadsheet. This way you can add new coupons to your spreadsheet then update your website in real time with new coupons and offer.

  • iCodes Import Tools<h4><small> (3rd Party Service)</small>

    iCodes Import Tools

    (3rd Party Service)

    iCodes is a US and UK based affiliate coupon feed service which allow you to import thousands of coupons directly into your CouponPress website. This is a great way to quickly and easily setup coupon code websites without spending much time. click here to learn more

  • Quick Coupon Management

    Quick Coupon Management

    All products can be modified simultaneously, assigned to multiple categories, include extra product images, stock management, extra information and custom fields such as sizes, colors and discount pricing.

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