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PHP Coupon Script

When choosing your coupon script platform you have really only two choices, the first one would be a PHP coupon script and the other would be an ASP coupon script. PHP is one of the most commonly used programming language capable of running on most platforms including linux, unix and windows where as ASP is a programming language designed only for the windows environment.

Both ASP coupon script and PHP coupon script have their advantages and disadvantages however due to the sheer amount of online support, documentation, code snippets and extra tools available for PHP, it makes it the obvious choice for running any successful coupon script.

php vs asp script

One of the biggest advantages of using a php coupon script would be the ability to run a coupon website with the popular WordPress platform. WordPress is a SEO friendly, CMS (content management system) that is loved by search engines for its clean code, constant updates, hugh community following and large number of addons, widgets and customization features.

By utilizing the WordPress system, you can quickly and easily install the CouponPress php coupon script and transform a standard blog into a professional coupon website in minutes with lots of extra features and coupon code designs.

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