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Easy to Design & Customization your website!

CouponPress makes it easy to customize and setup your website with built in on/off display options and 10+ website layouts to choose from.

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  • 10+ Designs To Choose

    10+ Designs To Choose

    CouponPress is the main system, built into CouponPress are more than 10 website designs for you to choose from, all designs are included free and whenever we create new designs you get those free too!.

  • Switch On/Off Displays

    Switch On/Off Displays

    To make customizing your website as easy as possible we have built in lots of on/off switches allowing you to turn on/off different elements on your website from being displayed. All sidebars are widget ready allowing you to choose where and which pages your content shows.

  • Child Theme Framework

    Child Theme Framework

    CouponPress is part of the PremiumPress product family, all products are built using a framework which enables designers and developers to customize and developer their own designs for CouponPress. click watch the tutorials

  • Plugin & Widget Support

    Plugin & Widget Support

    CouponPress allows you to choose your layout, 2 or 3 columns and each of the sidebars can be used with Wordpress plugins/widgets allowing you to add-on new functionality. Currently there are 17,000+ plugins to choose from. Take a look here.

  • File Editor

    File Editor

    Wordpress provides an excellent wysiwyg editor allowing you to see and edit the core theme files within the admin area.

  • Language Packs

    Language Packs

    To make editing your website text as easy as possible we have separated all text and placed it into a single file (language file) here you can edit, customize and/or create new language files for your website.

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